Monday, December 29, 2008

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

We cant be out on the edge every second of every day. Everybody needs times to rest and become rejuvenated. However, if we stay in our comfort zones, we will never achieve anything of value. Our dreams lie out beyond the horizon. And just as ships were not built to stay in the harbour, we were not made to stay where it is safe. People are created to be resilient and resourceful.Here are some good and bad things i wish to share about the the comfort zone:

1: In the comfort zone, most of the game is played.Just as most of a football game is played in the middle of the field-between the twenty yard lines- most of the game of life is played in the comfort zone. Its the place you must start before you try to make it to the end zone.

2: In the comfort zone, people often lose interest. What happen to people when nothing ever changes and they are never challenged? They get bored. Deep down, most people desire adventure.But they will never experience it if they are unwilling to get out of their recliners.

3: In the comfort zone, mistakes are not as costly. One of the good things about comfort zone is that the consequences of mistakes are not as dire. As you start to work toward your dreams, false starts and fumbles wont't stop you permanently.

4: In the comfort zone, opposition is not well focused. Another positive aspect of the comfort zone is that people are often relaxed there. That gives you an opportunity to get going. Only as you leave the comfort zone will the competition pick up.

5: In the comfort zone, victory cannot be achieved. If you are in the comfort zone and want to win, you must do what does not feel natural. You cannot stay comfortable and achieve victory. There is no guarantee that you will achieve it if you leave your comfort zone. But if you never leave your comfort zone, you are guaranteed not to achieve it..

Trust me!!

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