Friday, September 21, 2007

Steps to my future career...have I make a move?

This week was my first week as a FRP (Fully Registered Pharmacist). I was retained in the same hospital (Hospital Melaka) as an oncology pharmacist...Thats one of the unit I was specially trained under the supervision of my previous preceptor, Ms Mak. She was one of the expert I ever met in this hospital. but unfortunately she left for Singapore last month. Pay in Singapore is much higher than here...was that one of her reason?Im not sure...perhaps.

Handling a CDR unit isnt that simple nor difficult. Sounds confusing...haha. There will be times you have to make up your decision when reconstituting or settling some problem by yourself. Lately, the 'Clean Room" in this unit goes haywire. Hepa filter got leakage and the room temperature isnt stable. Imagine I went into the room to reconstitute for 4 hours continuously with the temperature of 24.9 degree celcius wearing 3 layer of clothes (shirt, jump suit, isolation gown, double layer of mask, gloves). Oh man... I sweat alot...I wonder is it still sterile or not. Discomfort was my companion all the time until I finish all the 16 patients on that day. Phew...really an experience.

Later, I approached my chief pharmacist for a solution. At first the Pengarah doesnt want to subsidize for the repair but finally what I heard was that they agreed to take out Rm55,000 for the repair as well as maintenance. Hopefully, the room will be repaired soon. When you incharge of something, staff is an asset. Managing staffs in the unit really tackle your skills. However, most of the staffs really respect me and help me called 'beri muka'. Haha...really appreciate them.

As I'm still new to this department, lotsa things still waiting for me to learn and explore. Hopefully in this few years time, I would become well known for my expertise at least in this hospital...Haha. Nothing is impossible....Gambateh new Oncology Pharmacist!! You have made your first step to your future line...

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