Monday, February 9, 2009

15th Day of CNY 2009

Today is the last day of CNY in lunar calendar...As for the last celebration, I went to my senior house for a gathering with my colleagues as I have cancelled few gatherings with them before this...Sounds bad but I was invited last minute though.That's why I wasn't prepare...haha. Part of them seem busy enjoying the photos that my senior taken during her holidays in overseas...She seem visited alot of places over the world...At her young age, she seem kinda rich ...maybe her parents is rich or she herself rich...Anyway, very envy her though...And i raised a question to myself...'When can I travel like her or even more than her?' rather than asking 'Why I cant travel like her?'...and from this night onwards, I promised to myself that I will work smarter and harder in the coming days to gain my wealth in future., so that the success that I achieved can bring me travel around the world with my parents and my future wife....sounds dreaming but what I really believe is that if u dare to dream u will achieve one day...Really hope the day will come very soon... :)


Sam said... much as possible! i also feel envy to her when i look at those photo, same as you, i know i can do it one day.
I wish u can!! gambateh

Jesse YP said...

Ahem... siapa itu future wife? Hehe...

Master Kenny said...

She's just around somewhere waiting for me...haha