Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Being slack when dispensing...Is all my fault??

Today...as usual, outpatient pharmacy still the busiest unit in the whole pharmacy department. Crowded by patients and piles of prescriptions...we still screened and dispensed the whole day. Some patients till now still don't understand the word of 'wait ' and 'patient' yet they still termed as patient. Haha...but having the different meanings in fact.

As usual, I screened and dispensed like last week but due to my so called 'short term memory lost', something unpleasant happened. This afternoon after lunch hour, Miss Tai,one of our dispenser (a workaholic as well) walked around and asked everyone in outpatient to find out who dispensed patient with Acyclovir? Sounded no problem at first but later she said the patient took Acyclovir 5 tablets in one shot..Thats sounds worrying after I've checked with Drug Info Handbook...Should be 5 tablet taken with interval of hours in a day time and not in one shot!!!. I cant remember whether I'm the one who dispensed or what...And because of my memory problem...it seemed that I'm the one to be blamed...OMG....But what I remembered I didnt dispensed this morning. However, I have to take some responsibility as well cause I'm one the staff who incharged in the counter with others...But I really cant remember whether is my fault or what...Sigh...What a bad day...

*Is a norm for human being (certain people) that deny at first when he/she did something wrong....but later admitted it...right?...Never mind because nowadays PRP still the first to be targetted...(lowest status among all officers and shallowest in term of knowledge among dispensers)...Take this as a challenge in my working life...hehe (I guessed).

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