Wednesday, May 2, 2007

First Time Blogger...

Well...well. Which alphabet key should I press first?? Haha...Thats normal for a first time blogger. Previously, I don't blog but just read a couple of my friends' blogs. Somehow out of sudden, i just felt wanna give myself a try. Anything attracted me to do so...perhaps.

Currently, Im working in Outpatient Pharmacy department, Malacca General Hospital. Life here is quite ok yet not much excitement compared to my 4 years life in KL (when I was studying at UKM that time).Time really flies and I have been separated from some of my friends more than 6 months. I'm doubt whether they still remember me or not...Maybe...maybe not. Some really never contact at all...but some still keep in touch especially those from Ipoh...I wonder how are the rest doing?

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